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By using Warpit tools you can design, conduct, analyse a research and report about results, or just support a single task within the research process, in a frendly, flexible an productive way.

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  • Create Survey <br> and Collect Data

    Create Survey
    and Collect Data

    Survey Manager

  • Engage and <br> Reward

    Engage and

    Panel Manager

  • Analyse and Report image

    Analyze and

    Report Manager


Your Best Choice. By Far.

  • Get higher response rates.
  • Get faster results.
  • Warpit anywhere in the world.
  • Assemble complex questionnaires at warp speed

    Ease of use saves time, and Warpit’s user-friendly interface means every survey design is just a few clicks away.

  • A wealth of responsive templates

    No need to start from scratch, since Warpit has you covered with a ton of survey templates. You’ll find one that’s both pretty on the eye and designed for exactly what you need. Or you can just create your own

  • Advanced panel management

    Deploy your samples like a pro by instantly polling your panels, and automatically retrieving only those panelists that meet your project’s needs.

  • Multichannel data collection

    Warp in your data from multiple audiences, providing for complex data, ready to be parsed immediately.

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