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Multi channel data collection
Collect your data from multiple audiences

Survey manager
Create the simplest or most complex projects

Campaign manager
Simple and effective management

Panel manager
Poll your panels and automatically retrieve only those panelists that meet your project’s needs

Report manager
Keep track of vital statistics about your audience

Survey Manager

  • Striking and responsive templates

    No need to start from scratch, since Warpit has you covered with a ton of survey templates. You’ll find one that’s both pretty on the eye and designed for exactly what you need. Or you can just create your own.

  • Advanced scripting

    Using built-in PHP scripting support you can customize how your questionnaires look, feel, and behave, tailoring individual questions down to the last letter and punctuation mark.

  • Advanced sampling algorithms

    Let our advanced sampling algorithms pick the best panelists for each individual survey, selecting them based on the information gathered during their previous activities.

  • Multilingual surveys

    As automatic universal translation systems are not yet quite up to snuff, make sure to address each survey participant in their own language, all from the same survey.

  • GPS location tracking

    Make sure your interviewers conduct the surveys at the desired location, and keep track of past locations in the database.

Panel Manager

  • Advanced incentive system

    A standard loyalty program, but focused on providing the panelists with flexible rewards for participation, tailored to the respondents’ profiles. Points can be exchanged for money, prizes, or even donated to the charity of their choice.

  • Recruit the most suitable target audience

    Make sure that the people participating in your survey represent the demographic it was geared for.

  • White label reward shop

    Reward your panelists with a broad selection of products, services, coupons, and other incentives in your own online shop.

Report Manager

  • Export & publish charts, crosstabs, and widgets

    Warp your raw data beyond the spreadsheet by exporting and publishing all types of charts online.

  • Interactive Dashboards & Real-time Reports

    Don’t limit your charts to bars and pies; unleash the data in interactive dashboards, giving users the chance to arrange and sort them. You can try forming their own coalition, based on current polling of parties. Keep your finger on your audience’s pulse and track the effectiveness of your teams through real-time reports, with all the data available at a glance.

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  • multilingual user interface
  • import/export csv, SPSS, Excel, etc.
  • responsive templates
  • simple third party integration
  • advanced sampling algorithms
  • multimedia embedding
  • multichannel data collection
  • complete PHP scripting
  • flexible permission system
  • detailed and comprehensive image management
  • integrated advanced file system
  • live KPI dashboard
  • antifraud detection algorithms
  • advanced filtering and segmentation
  • customizable with APIs
  • interactive survey preparation with error prompts
  • white-labeled question templates
  • advanced survey logic
  • multichannel distribution options
  • HTML5 and CSS is supported across all of Warpit
  • attach multiple telephone tables
  • create individual types of questions using the integrated plug-in system
  • XML project export for transferring to another server
  • survey preview
  • manage behavior of questions
  • manage relationships between questions using attached to, and autoanswer
  • advanced plugins for managing the most complex surveys
  • replace buttons or text with images
  • copy/paste question, blocks, projects, properties
  • manage dialing properties using the telephone integration project setup
  • CSS template system
  • template system for various devices (PC, tablet, mobile)
  • basic statistics with the option to filter data
  • draft questionnaire preview with option to show full questionnaire logic
  • create project unique URLs for panel use
  • multilingual survey option
  • script answer rotation
  • question rotation
  • asterisk PBX integration
  • complete telephone call automation
  • fully customizable rights system
  • manage your interviewers and projects with a simple drag&drop system
  • create questionnaire templates in minutes using our object-driven system with CSS support
  • easily edit all imported data
  • a detailed modification system for sampled data
  • a multilayer quota management system
  • advanced appointment management system
  • complete control over sample with full grid search and filter functionality
  • real-time quota status monitoring with insight into each cell
  • verbatim response recoding tool
  • automatically alter the data structure module
  • recode verbatim responses for faster data analysis
  • custom column definition with export templates
  • support for importing previously created templates
  • integrated filtering system with MySQL syntax
  • offline data collection
  • live update monitoring
  • module for setting external variables
  • support for PHP coding
  • full PHP script web-based editor
  • interviewer statistics
  • monitoring survey progress
  • single record preview
  • GPS location tracking on portable and mobile devices
  • all multimedia types supported
  • call statistics
  • sample statistics
  • question statistics
  • pivot table statistics
  • test questionnaire
  • call scheduler
  • data time check for antifraud detection
  • personalized email invitation
  • combining panelists into groups
  • panelist group management
  • email reminder module
  • advanced incentive system
  • advanced coupon management system
  • support for coupon upload
  • a system for editing all coupon properties
  • a transparent preview of coupons statistics
  • advanced incentive statistics
  • issuing & redeeming points & digital rewards
  • advanced 360° panelist view
  • white label reward shop
  • campaign management tool
  • KPI setting and monitoring
  • custom field integration
  • sent mail statistics
  • easily connect Warpit with any other software through redirection link management system
  • redirection statistics
  • email templates editor with attachment options
  • export & publish charts, crosstabs, and widgets
  • create interactive dashboards
  • share real-time data with clients
  • upload & edit data
  • real-time reports
Don’t forget. Industry leaders use it! Send an enquiry